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Give God’s Way A Chance

A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.”

– Proverbs 16:9 NKJV

Have you ever happily stepped out on faith only to later start having doubts and thinking of your own plan B, C, and D? Every thing is exciting in the beginning, but then all of a sudden things start getting REAL really quick. We could have literally stepped out on faith for something on January 1st only to start freaking out by January 7th and thinking of another way to do what God said that makes sense to us.

I’m sure many of us have been there before, and one day when I was freaking out a small still voice said to me “You haven’t even given God’s way a chance.” And it made me pause because it was true. It reminded me of the movie Fire Proof when the main character was doing a Love Dare to win his wife back. He was impatient and half way following the instructions of the dare, and was wondering why it wasn’t working. The man’s wise father told him to give the Love Dare a chance for real and actually finish it and see it through. To put his all into it withholding nothing.

So today I want to give that message to you, to give God’s way a fair chance. Don’t be so quick to throw in the towel. Continue to persevere. Our God works in mysterious ways. We may not always know the how’s and the when’s, but we can rest in knowing that God is faithful to fulfill His promises to us in due time.

Reverential Fear of God

Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, Who delights greatly in His commandments” – Psalm 112: 1 NKJV

Have you ever struggled with a stronghold that was hard to shake? Even if you’ve been delivered from that stronghold sometimes it will come back up to be that annoying thorn in your side. Last night I was tempted to go back to my personal sin of choice. The urge to watch what I shouldn’t watch and do what I shouldn’t do was so strong! But somehow I passed the test and I wanted to share what I learned with you.

Contrary to popular belief I didn’t stop in my pursuit to sin because of a sudden lack of desire, but rather a sudden presence of reverential fear and respect for the Lord. Below are three steps that enabled me to have victory over my flesh and ultimately saved me from getting caught up in old cycles.

3 Things to do When You’re Tempted to Sin:

  1. Pray (Call out to God and Jesus)

Whenever you feel your flesh starting to act up the first thing you should do is pray. Everything starts with a thought. When you notice that your thoughts are turning godly then it’s time to combat those thoughts with prayer. Pray in your mind and pray out-loud. Literally call on the name of JESUS. Be honest with God and call out whatever sin is tempting you. Expose it! There’s no need to hide what you’re feeling from the Lord because He already knows and He wants to help you.

2. Read The Word of God (Pick up your Bible)

Often times we stop at step one and then wonder how our prayer for help quickly turned to a prayer for forgiveness. It’s funny how our flesh can make us start to reason with anything. Next thing you know you’re thinking “Hey I can do this and ask God for forgiveness later.” This is why it’s important to read the word of God in your moments of weakness too. Ephesians 6: 17 NIV says “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”

As you’re battling your flesh you’re gonna need the sword of the Spirit aka the word of God to help you succeed. It’s the best medicine to sober you up whenever your judgement is clouded. It will convict you when you’re wrong and encourage you to live right at the same time.

3. Step Away (Flee Tempting Situations)

After you’ve sought spiritual strength and guidance then it’s time for you to physically step away from whatever is tempting you. Step away from the phone, TV, that person, the bottle, the drugs, etc. Go to a different room, take a cold shower, listen to worship music, or even sleep it off. Do whatever it takes to keep from making provision for your flesh.

In mercy and truth atonement is provided for iniquity; and by the fear of the Lord one departs from evil” – Proverbs 16:6 NKJV

We all have fallen short of the glory of God. Still work to get rid of any toxic cycles in your life. When you fall repent, get back up, and do better next time. Remember to be more proactive than reactive when it comes to avoiding sin. We have everything we need though Jesus Christ to live a life of victory.

Movie and a Message: Show Mercy – Aquaman

Have you ever met a person who can turn anything into a message? Well that’s me and movies are no exception. The latest movie I saw was Aquaman and it was really good. This blog will include spoiler alerts so if you don’t want the element of surprise to be ruined then I suggest you read this after you see it.

Let’s Get Into The Movie

So here we go. There was one theme that I just could not stop thinking about after this movie and it was…. MERCY. You see a lot of the conflict within the movie steamed from a lack of mercy. First of all Aquaman grew up without his mother which left a void in his heart because the people of Atlantis showed his mother no mercy and sent her to be executed for creating a half-breed with a human (Conflict #1).

Then conflict #2 begins when Aquaman is stopping a group of pirates from hijacking a submarine. A heavy missile falls on the leader of the pirates and his son (David) asks Aquaman for help since the missile was too heavy for him to lift and his father was about to drown. Aquaman chose not to show mercy to David’s father . Then after his father died David made it his one mission in life to kill Aquaman and for the rest of the movie and even possibly the sequel David will be a thorn in Aquaman’s side. All because there was no mercy.

The Lesson

As the movie progressed Aquaman’s character matured. During the movie he did have a major conflict with his half brother Orm, King of Atlantis, however by the end of the movie he learned a valuable lesson and decided to show mercy to his half brother and not have him executed after he defeated him. Orm was shocked and said, “But that’s not our way!” And that is the line that stuck with me.

Orm was right. That’s not our way and it’s not the way of the world. Naturally we want to hold grudges and keep a mental record of all the reasons why someone doesn’t deserve a pass. We often listen to music and watch TV shows that only feed into the unforgiving nature of our flesh. Below I’ve listed a few reasons why we should show mercy and forgive others.

3 Reasons Why We Should Show Mercy

  1. Jesus Says So

There are so many verses about mercy and forgiveness in the Bible. Matthew 6: 14-16 NKJV simply states, “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” Also read the parable of the Unforgiving Servant in Matthew 18: 21-35. Both of these verses are highlighted in red because they came from the mouth of Jesus. So if Jesus says mercy and forgiveness is important and even has lasting effects throughout eternity then we should take heed and believe Him.

2. We Do Wrong Too

Yes if we ever evaluate ourselves long enough we will see that we too do wrong from time to time. All of us have fallen short in the past and will probably (actually most definitely) fall short in the future. Therefore to ensure that I have mercy when I mess up I like to live by Matthew 5:7 which says, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”

3. It’s What The Good Guys Do

In any legit superhero movie the hero demonstrates good character. Such character traits include honesty, integrity, courage, compassion, humility, and forgiveness. I mentioned how Aquaman showed mercy, but I also want to highlight the Black Panther. The Black Panther showed mercy to the first opponent who challenged him for the thorn. They could have fought til death, but he said there’s no need for that. Then as life would have it that very same man would show mercy to the Black Panther when he needed it most. So if you lack mercy for people then maybe you’re closer to being like the bad guys than the good guys.


I hope this post serves as a reminder for you to show mercy. When you show mercy that doesn’t mean that you forget what the other person has done. We don’t show mercy to people because they deserve it. The whole point of mercy is that they don’t deserve it. And when you give it to them they know that they don’t deserve it either and that’s suppose to make them grateful. When we think of the new mercies that our heavenly Father shows us everyday we should be grateful. I’m so thankful for MERCY!

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Far Better Things Ahead Than Anything We Leave Behind

Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen!!! Is anyone else supper excited for what 2019 holds? It’s another opportunity to partner with God and see His power and faithfulness in our life and the lives of others. I love the quote by C.S. Lewis that says ‘There are far better things ahead than anything we leave behind.” It is good to keep quotes like this near our hearts because you never know when God will call you out to the unfamiliar.

It’s human nature to prefer comfort over inconvenience or the unknown. I want to encourage you today to trust God even when you don’t have all the answers. Trust in His sovereignty. Let go when God nudges you to let go. Sometimes you will have to let go of friendships, lovers, jobs, etc. Whenever you become faced with the fear and the struggle to let go I ask that you take it to the Lord in prayer just as the song says.

Just like you I’ve had questions that haven’t been answered yet, but I came to the conclusion that I cannot afford to forfeit my joy and my peace. Neither can you. It’s the joy of the Lord that is our strength. So say farewell to past seasons that have come and gone. Let go of what is in your hands so the better things you can receive from God.


Take It To The Lord In Prayer – Patrick Lundy

We’ve Come This Far By Faith – Donnie McClurkin

I Surrender All – CeCe Winans

Making A Prayer List For Your Future Husband

The topic of making a list for what a women desires in a husband has been around for years. Some people may think it’s crazy, but I’ve learned that if done right it can be a helpful guide in the spousal selection process. As Christian women we do not have to date around aimlessly like the women of the world. We have the Holy Spirit who leads us, Jesus Christ as our example, and the Word of God as our guide and standard.

Too often Christian women find themselves in the same predicament as the women of the world. We make poor choices and forget that we have the one and only all knowing God on our side. God cares about who we marry because the marriages that God ordains have purpose. God desires godly offspring (Malachi 2:15). God expects the husband and the wife to serve His kingdom and bring glory to His name. We have to stop only thinking about the short term and instead think of the generations to come.

I have pursued relationships by following the way of the world through movies, TV, and music. That path always led me to confusion, unnecessary heartbreak, and regret. But when I surrendered everything to God, He began to show me who I am and shared intimate secrets of the things to come. That includes downloading into me certain qualities that my god ordained husband will possess. I’m not talking about a carnal list that we make on a whim in our immaturity. I’m talking about a list (journal entry) that is God breathed and Spirit led that only comes from intimacy with God.

Tips Before The List:

  • Get Close to God First

Having an intimate relationship with God is so crucial as we navigate our daily lives. As a single person you have more free time to spend with God than a married woman who has to tend to her husband and possibly children. Take advantage of this single season and spend quality time with God. Study the bible and meditate on His words day and night. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6 NKJV) so be intentional with your time.

  • Know Who You Are

It seems many people spend a lifetime trying to figure out who they really are. Generally we are more in tune with who we really are as children than when we grow into adulthood. During childhood we have pure hearts and believe anything we want to become is possible. There’s no limit to our imaginations. As you become closer to God you will also learn more about yourself.  We all have a purpose, and God will show you the best way for you to fulfill yours. Your unique gifts may come through music, cooking, engineering, construction, home decor, teaching, etc.

Whatever you do please don’t fall into the trap that your identity is only through who you marry. When you come before God on judgement day you will stand alone. Bringing up everything your husband accomplished is not going to help you. It’s important to know who God created you to be now. Knowing your purpose and your own strengths and weaknesses will allow you to better discern what man would be a complementary match for you.

Tips For Making The List:

  • Use the Bible as your guide and standard

As Christian women the Bible should be our go to resource for everything including relationships. Take godly characteristics from the Bible and add them to your list. What are some qualities that God delights in? For example having a contrite (repentant) heart and a steadfast spirit. Our husbands should be followers of Jesus Christ and not one who simply wears the Cross or has it tattooed but has no real reverence or relationship with God. Study up on the fruits or the Spirit which are love, joy, peace, longsuffering (patience), kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). No one is perfect but a person who is walking by the Spirit over the flesh will have the fruit of the Spirit on their tree.

  • Be Specific

I was always taught to be specific with my prayers. Ask for whatever you desire in prayer and have faith that it is yours (Mark 11:24 NIV). Read Matthew 7: 7-12. As you become closer to God your desires will become His desires. I can testify to that because in high school I was not desiring a godly man. We tend to want the bad boy and lean more toward the lukewarm side. Then over time as you grow in your spiritual walk you will desire a man who has had a true heart change and mind change. So pay attention to the desires in your heart no matter how small or silly you may think they are.

I Made the List Now What?

So now you have written down in some form or fashion what you desire in your future husband. Now it’s time to wait it out and let God do what He is gonna do. During this time get to work on building your character. Become the best version of you. Continue your intimate relationship with God and get busy on the assignments God has already given you. Pray for your future husband whenever the Spirit leads you to do so. Be patient because God’s timing is not our own, and be flexible because changes in our plans can happen. Most of all stay encouraged and do not worry about the “How” or the “When”. Surrender your love life to God and see first hand how faithful He is.





Birthing Season: Birth What You Can

Today as we step into a new month birthing season is here. Even before it became a new month I could tell that there is a new season upon us. This is a season where many people are becoming more focused on their purpose and assignments. A season to intentionally protect our time from idleness. This month is a time to fully concentrate on the projects God has given each and every one of us.

The number 8 symbolizes new beginnings so the eighth month of the year is extra special. God is giving new ideas and revamping old ones. You have probably heard many sermons saying that it is your ‘birthing season”, but sometimes we get it mixed up.  We tend to automatically think that we are going to be birthing the big ideas in our head.  There will be a time when you can delight in the manifestation of those extraordinary ideas, but in the meantime don’t get disappointed because things aren’t as grand as you hoped they would be. Birth what you can right now!

This month get your excitement back! No longer put yourself down because you think you should be further along. Everyday God is speaking to us and He knows how to meet us where we are. God knows what we can handle in any given season. You can birth something right now. God is all about development and perfect timing. You might want to birth a restaurant, but right now God is telling you to pursue a food truck. You might want to birth a full album, but currently God is telling you to work on an amazing demo, single or EP. Your dream might be to do something internationally, but God is telling you that you have more work to do locally. I don’t what God is telling you to do right now, but I know He is telling you to do something.

Be resourceful. Make the most of what you have and birth what you can. You simply have to start, be consistent, and obey. You may think that the things/ideas that you are birthing now are too small and insignificant but they are not. The steps you are making right now are leading you to something greater. Stay encouraged, inspired, and birth what you can. 🙂

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birthing season

Am I Really Making A Difference? YES You Are!!!!!

Hello! Welcome back to my blog!! I am happy to be posting again after a short break. Today I want to give a quick encouraging word. Have you ever asked yourself this question, Am I really making a difference?Even if you don’t say it out-loud sometimes you wonder if the work you are putting in is actually making a difference. Well I came to tell you that it is!!!

You never know who you are touching

Have you ever been deeply inspired and touched by someone and yet never told them? Most of us would say yes. Sometimes we admire people from afar and they have no idea how much they have impacted our life. There are certain artists, entrepreneurs, and even local everyday people in my life who bring me more joy and hope than they could ever know. What if there is someone out there in the world who is admiring you right now?! They see the moves you’re making and they are inspired by your faith. Sure they may like a post you make or comment every once in a while, but you don’t know the full extent of your influence on them. Trust and believe there are people watching you, who are silently rooting for you in their heart. You are making a difference! The world needs the gift inside of you.

Whenever God gives us a dream or vision to fulfill it is for a greater purpose than ourselves. As you are walking in your purpose and accomplishing your goals you should celebrate every success along the way. Celebrate that A on the test. Celebrate the first full time job after college. Celebrate the day you officially launched your first business. The enemy in our head likes to down play our success, but our success is something to be proud of. At this point in my life I am starting a lot of new things like music, blogging, and so much more. What new ventures are have you started recently? Do you wish you had more support? I encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing and more support will come over time.

When I was working on my single “Mommy I Love You” I wasn’t sure how many people would like it or support it other than my parents. But thankfully the response was really good. I performed the song at church and I thought I was ok, but I wasn’t sure if anyone was really touched by the song. Then later that morning a lady told me that she “really needed to hear that.” Then other mothers felt like the song was written especially for them. So keep walking in your purpose and doing whatever it is that God places on your heart to do. One day when you least expect it someone will thank you and will say that they needed what was on the inside of you too. Stay strong and focus on the truth. The truth is you are making a difference and the world is thankful for it.

Let Go and Let God Have His way

A few days ago I was singing this song and it really hit me. The song is called “Let Go” by Dewayne Woods. I remember when the song first came out years ago, but lately the lyrics mean so much more to me. Some things don’t really hit you until you get older and get life experiences. As I was singing the chorus I realized that I wasn’t letting God have His way in my life completely. If you were to evaluate your life right now then you might say the same thing. Sometimes you have to get brutally honest with yourself. We should always strive to be better. I also want to talk to people who are procrastinating. When you procrastinate you are not letting God have His way. So today I want to encourage you to let God completely have His way in your life.

Daily Sacrifices

Letting God have His way in your life means you will need to make daily sacrifices. Before we were ever born God created a unique purpose for every person. Fulfilling our purpose and God given assignments is going to take a lot sacrifices. Thankfully, God no longer requires us to sacrifice animals, however He does expect us to sacrifice of ourselves. Sometimes God will ask us to sacrifice our time, our relationships, comfort, and our finances. You may have already removed toxic people from your life but you are still not managing your time wisely. Maybe you need to get serious about your spending, saving, and investing habits. Sometimes we are letting the enemy have his way in our life more so than God. Daily we need to make the necessary sacrifices so God can truly have His way in our life.

Much Effort

Fulfilling our purpose takes effort. It takes late nights and early mornings. It takes work after work. No matter how hard it looks, God has given each of us the amount of grace we need to complete our assignments. So be willing to go into overdrive and put in more work this year on your purpose than ever before. God loves to see us walk in our calling and when we work diligently on our purpose then we allow God to have His way in our life.

It’ll Make You Happier In the End

Lastly, when you make the necessary sacrifices and put in much effort then you will be happier in the end. I think of all the people in the Bible who made sacrifices for God, worked hard for God, and ultimately reaped great rewards when they obeyed Him. We have to remember that our vision and dream is not just for us. Their are people connected to our obedience. We are in a new month and we still have work to do. So this month let us sacrifice when God tells us to sacrifice and let us work when God tells us to work. Let us not delay and instead let God have His way!

Good Luck: Waiting For Marriage

Here we are at the end of March. When I think of March I think of four leaf clovers, leprechauns, and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  It is also my birthday month! Ever since I was a kid the month of March has always been associated with good luck. However, when you hear people tell you “good luck” in person, they tend to mean it in a sarcastic way. When Steve Harvey told his boss that he was quitting his job to follow his dream of being a professional comedian his boss told him “good luck”. In the same way, there are countless stories of successful people both famous and not famous who were told that their expectations were too high and that they would fail. They were told the infamous “good luck”.

Well, when I was around 19 or 20 years old I was told “good luck” at a small gathering with family and friends. We were just chatting at someones apartment around the holidays. I don’t know how we got on the topic but we were talking about sex and I said I wanted to wait until marriage to have sex. Then the woman who called herself a minister laughed and said “good luck”. I thought I would at least have her support, but then it hit me that even some Christians believe it’s impossible to wait for marriage nowadays. So now over five years later that moment of her saying “good luck” to me still plays in my mind. At 26 I can confidently say that waiting until marriage to have sex isn’t about luck at all. It just takes a made up mind. And when your mind changes your lifestyle and habits change too. If you have been told “good luck” or if you have doubt that waiting for marriage is a possibility for you, then I hope this blog will help lead you in the right direction. So please continue to read as we scratch the surface of waiting until marriage.

It Takes A Good Why

In order to stick with any commitment you need a good why. You need a full understanding of why you are deciding to wait. In church from a very early age we are encouraged to wait until marriage. I don’t know about you but I can be pretty rebellious at times. In order for me to commitment to something I need it to make sense to me. Even at my job if they tell me to do something that is not productive  and doesn’t make sense then I will question them. So when it comes to deciding to wait don’t just take peoples word for it. You need to go to the source which is the Bible and research why God wants His children to wait until marriage. There are plenty of reasons in scripture, but ultimately it is to help us not hurt us. You can also pray to God and ask for more understanding on this topic. As I started to pray and research, I began to develop my own personal why and that why comes to the front of my mind whenever I am faced with temptation. The more understanding you get, the more you can come into agreement with God. Changing your way of thinking to agree with God’s way of thinking is the hardest part. Once you finally agree with God then that is the first step. Trust me I know it can be hard to agree with God on this. I’ve slipped up before and that is because I didn’t agree with God on this topic for many years. It really wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally understood the full benefits of waiting until marriage and now I have developed a strong why that is immovable.

It Takes A Firm NO 

Now that you have your why, you need a firm NO. As I said before temptation will come. When temptation does present itself you need a plan. And the plan is simple, just say NO.  Having a firm NO means NO EXCEPTIONS! You have to have a made up mind that you are not going to compromise your standards. Every time I messed up before it was because I didn’t have a made up mind. My rules would change based on the guy. Ladies you know how it is. If the guy was cute enough, nice enough, well spoken enough, or financially well off then I could see myself reasoning in my head why I should make an exception for him. If you are going to wait successfully then your NO needs to be firm. No matter how handsome a guy is or even if he is your boyfriend and you think your gonna be together forever, you need to say NO because you are waiting until marriage. The truth is you never know who you are going to marry until after you are married. Plenty of people plan to get married and they never do. I’ve done it before. Plan the wedding in your head and named the children only to have your heart broken. You don’t want to take that risk. Also avoid situations that could cause you to fall all together. Know the areas where you are weak and if the person you are talking to does not agree with waiting then you need to cut it off before things get too deep. How can two people walk together unless they agree? And you don’t want a person who agrees to wait until marriage just for you. That is too much pressure! It’s important that the person you are dating or courting is practicing the wait because they have done their research in the bible and they finally agree with God too.

Connecting With Like Minded People 

Last but not least it is important to connect with like minded people. Connecting with other people who are waiting or have waited has helped me so much! It is hard to wait when the music that you listen to, the shows on TV, and the people that are closest to you are encouraging you not to wait. I was about two years in when DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good came out with their book The Wait. I bought the book immediately and I was so happy to find people who thought like me. To find people who wanted the same things I wanted. It was the first time I heard anything about waiting until marriage in the mainstream media. I was so intrigued that I looked at all their interviews on YouTube and that is when I discovered that there was a whole Christian community on YouTube that I didn’t know about. That was because I only ever looked at hair and makeup tutorials (which did come in handy lol). When I saw that there were plenty of videos about godly relationships and waiting until marriage, my heart was filled with joy. I found Heather Lindsey, Ashley Empowers, Anointed Fire, Worth The Wait, One Church LA, and so many more. I especially like the “Dating with Purpose” series on Ashley Empowers YouTube channel. She interviews couples from all different ethnic backgrounds and ages about their journey of pursuing a godly relationship together. Every minister or YouTuber is not going to be received by everyone, however I have found some awesome people who speak to me in a way where I can understand and grow.  Let God lead you to which YouTubers or online churches are right for you. Once again I must say that finding godly examples on YouTube has encouraged me so much. Also connect with people at your home church too because there should be like minded people there who you actually get to hang out with versus the online community.

Wrap Up :

I hope it is clear by now that if you are waiting until marriage that you are not alone. If you have already slipped up then it is never too late to start over. You can start over today if you want. Now when someone tells you “good luck” you can laugh on the inside because you know that you don’t need their luck. If you are a born again believer then you have something much more than luck. You have God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit on your side. And boy are they a triple threat! I know waiting until marriage is a huge sacrifice and sometimes it may cause you to be single longer than you want because you are refusing to settle. Know that God sees your sacrifice. God will never make a fool of you when you obey Him. So ignore the skeptics. Just continue to do your thang. One day the promises that God has spoken into your heart will manifest before their eyes and all they will be able to say is “WoW.”

Please feel free to comment below about your journey in waiting or if you decided to start over today. Or Just comment if you liked the post 🙂 Also check out 10 Dos to Being Single and Content! Love You!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog.



That Time I Quit My Job, Plus Tips

Have you ever wanted to quit your job? Do you feel frustrated going to a job that you absolutely hate? I know the feeling all too well. That was me two years ago. I quit my job by faith and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The journey wasn’t easy, but it was worth it! I’ve been holding on to this testimony for a while and now I am so excited to share it with you. I will also be sharing tips for when you are in the transition phase. If you are going through a tough season at work or are unemployed right now then I want to encourage you that God is faithful and he will see you through.

When The Grace For The Job Is Up

I graduated from the University of Memphis and majored in Healthcare Administration. Two months after graduation I got a job offer working in a hospital that I just could not refuse. So I started working in the Patient Access department and things were going pretty well. The first few months felt like the honeymoon stage of a relationship.  I was really happy until I felt the seasons change and then I began to feel like a restless bird in a cage dying to break free. Thoughts of being discontent with where I was in my life started to consume me. I addressed this in a previous post titled Feeling Unfulfilled ? Originally I thought that job would be the place where I could stay and climb the corporate ladder, but some jobs are only meant for a season.

I quit my job on a sunny day in December 2015. I actually started to feel a tug in my spirit to quit at the one year mark in August. Every month the desire grew stronger and stronger. I am ambitious naturally and I knew I needed an opportunity to grow. As time went on it became clear that I wasn’t going be able to grow the way I wanted to there. I shared my desires to quit with my parents and they encouraged me to stay of course. They were thinking logically and my dad even helped me to draft a “Letter of Concern” to my boss around September so I could work things out and not have to leave. A lot of the associates I worked with were discontent just like me, but they complained to each other instead of talking to the people who can actually make a change. I know myself and I can only complain so long before I go to the source to try and do something about my frustration. A Letter of Concern is basically a polite warning letter to your boss stating that if certain things don’t change you will eventually leave. I wasn’t that blunt in the letter because it is supposed to be polite and professional. However, the message did come across clearly.  After I sent that letter I did have a meeting with my boss and supervisor about my concerns and some things did change. Still the uneasiness in my spirit remained even as the external factors changed.quit my job on a sunny Monday day in December 2015. I actually started to feel a tug in my spirit to quit at the one year work anniversary in August 2015. Every month the desire grew stronger and stronger. I am ambitious naturally and I knew I needed an opportunity to grow. As time went on it became clear that I wasn’t going be able to grow the way I wanted to there.

Every day for 3 months it was an internal battle to stay. One time the disrespect from my lead was so bad that I literally walked away from my desk to go to the bathroom and pray. Every time I would go to the bathroom and pray God would calm me down and give me enough grace to make it through my shift. On Monday December 7, 2015 the grace to stay was gone. I went to work like normal. I worked in my assigned area and then they called me to help the Women’s Center out so I did. When I came back to my desk a relatively new PRN was in my seat. A PRN is someone they call as needed and they do not have any assigned desk because they are the nomads the department. I was a PRN until I was promoted to full time. Since the girl was already working with a patient I just waited around the corner in an empty desk. She said she would move after she was done with that one patient. Then 5 patients later she was still at my desk. I was eager to start working in my own desk, which had all my belongings and was organized the way I liked it. I politely asked the girl to move twice and she caught a attitude and continued to stay at my desk. Honestly, I felt like going off on her so I went to the bathroom to pray. I asked God for the grace to stay and instead I received the grace to leave. In the moment that I decided to quit it was just me and God. I was no longer asking my parents or anyone else for their advice. I knew in that bathroom that God gave me a “Yes” and that was all I needed. So i went back to my desk and grabbed my purse and proceeded to walk to my car. It was around 11:00am and maybe they thought I was taking an early lunch. As I was walking I couldn’t believe that I was really going to do this. Then I finally got in my car and I took a deep breath. Knowing that this was a part of God’s plan gave me peace as I drove off the parking lot and left that chapter of my life behind. 

Unemployed for 3 months/ Results

When I quit my job that day I didn’t know how long I would be unemployed. If I knew all the details then it wouldn’t be called stepping out on faith. I ended up being unemployed for three months.  Thankfully I had some money in my savings. However, even if you don’t have money God will provide for you. During that season I spent my days praying to God, seeking his will for my life, listening to uplifting messages, applying for jobs, and improving my character. I was doing some intense self-reflection during those three months and I’m still reaping the benefits today.

In 2016 I brought in the new year with no job and an blank canvas for God to paint my year as colorfully as he wanted. I asked God to only let the job that he has for me to contact me. That February one company contacted me and I am still with that company today. While I was unemployed I made a list of what I wanted at my next job. I got everything I wanted and more. The only thing I wish I did differently was increase the amount of money I wanted to make. I would have aimed even higher. Still God really came through for me.

If I didn’t start off with a bad job then I wouldn’t be as grateful for the job I have now. Everyday I go to my job I am grateful. Now even when drama does arise at my job, I am so strong in my character that it doesn’t phase me. I listen to uplifting sermons at my desk. Whenever the weather is nice I go for a walk. I get to wear what I want. Most of all I’m glad I don’t have people looking over my shoulder micromanaging me. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t quit my job and take a leap of faith.

Another thing I love about my job is that I have space to think! I know it sounds crazy but I didn’t have that before. At my last job I dealt with patients face to face so I never had a moment alone. We didn’t get to go on breaks and we barely had time for a 30 min lunch. Now I don’t have to deal with customer service at all and I am so thankful. When I am at work I can write poems, songs, and every idea that God gives me. They give us steno notepads and mine is filled with sermon notes, uplifting quotes, songs, business tips, blog ideas, and so much more. Now I know for myself that God is faithful. I know for myself that God is a provider. I know for myself that God is a way maker.  You will never know what God is capable of doing in your life if you do not jump when He says jump and trust Him. 

Things To Do While You Are In-between Jobs:

  1. Pray and Seek God’s Will for Your Life

Doing this is what led me to quit my job in the first place. You need to know what God is saying to you in this season. Now is not the time to be lazy in your walk with God. When you are unemployed you have more time to pray, more time to read your bible, more time to listen to messages, and more time to spend with God. Make a list of what you want your next job to be like and bring that petition to the Lord. Be specific, write it down, and aim high.

2. Be Productive

Time is valuable and now that you have more time you need to be more productive. Start applying for new jobs. Update your resume. Work on your craft. If you want to work in the arts then practice singing, drawing, playing an instrument, etc. It wouldn’t hurt to clean your house either. Even use this time to get in shape and work out more.

3. Journal Your Days

God is going to be speaking into your spirit so much during this time and you need to document it. I wish I had journaled more during that time, which is why I am advising you to write down all of the dreams, visions, ideas, desires, and revelations that you have during this season.

4. Praise God in Advance

God is so faithful. If He called you into this season then He will see you through it. God is setting you up for an amazing testimony, but you can’t have a testimony without a test. Praise God in advance because the more you praise Him the better you’ll feel. Anyone can praise Him after they get the blessing, but if you know the blessing is yours then praise Him now. Thank Him now because it is already done.

5. Enjoy

This can be the hardest thing to do, but you need to enjoy this season. You need to enjoy every season. Don’t let worry consume you. I knew that I was going to get another job again, so I decided to enjoy my time off. Take advantage of being able to eat popcorn at 11:45 am in your pjs. Go to a peaceful place and read a book. Just relax and rest sometimes. I accepted my job in late February and I didn’t start til March 21. They said I could start whenever I wanted to that month so I pushed it back to the 21st because my birthday was March 8th and I wanted to enjoy myself a little bit longer. So please take some time to enjoy yourself during this transition phase. You will be working at your dream job or walking full time in your purpose sooner than you think!