3 Things I Did Wrong at My Last Job

Last month I did a post about making the most of cubicle living. That post highlights what I do currently that really helps me enjoy myself while at work. At my old job I did not have the same mindset and I made a lot of mistakes. In this post I will share the things I did wrong at my last job so you can learn from my mistakes.

  1. Easily Offended

At my last job it didn’t take much to offend me. If someone looked at me the wrong way I was ready to write them off. Walking in offense is like having a constant chip on your shoulder. A person who is easily offended is also overly sensitive. Basically, it didn’t take much to hurt my feelings. I always felt like management was picking on me and many times I was a rebel without a cause. I had to learn that everyone is not out to get me. Most of the time the offense came from me overthinking a situation. One solution I found to prevent offense is to assume the best. When you are easily offended you assume that people are intentionally trying to hurt you or come against you. When you assume the best you give people the benefit of the doubt. Now if someone doesn’t speak to me I assume that maybe they didn’t hear me. If someone bumps into me then I assume they didn’t see me. If management adds to my responsibilities then I see it as an opportunity to grow and for promotion, instead of an attack against me personally. So from now on assume the best because life is too short to be offended over little things.

2. Caught People’s Attitudes

Can you imagine a person with a dark cloud over them. Actually let’s say this person has several clouds over them with rain, lightening, and thunder. As you are working beside them, their clouds slowly make their way above your head. Now there is a storm over your head and you did not bring any umbrella. This is how I felt at my last job. I felt defenseless against other people’s attitudes. When I first started the job I was really positive, optimistic, and content. I had a light that was shining bright, but over time it got dimmer and dimmer. Eventually I let the other employees discontentment rub off on me. To combat this issue I would say guard your heart and mind. Don’t let people dump their negativity on you. Guard your ears from the gossip and rumors. It wouldn’t hurt to distance yourself from the employees that cause the most drama. You don’t want people to feel comfortable venting all of their complaints to you at work(unless you have the power to change the problem). Even at my job now there are opportunities for me to gossip and complain with other employees, but I choose to keep to myself, maintain my peace, and spread positivity.

3. If They Go I Go Mindset

Lastly, at my last job I had difficulty letting go of people. Sometimes at work you can become familiar with your fellow associates and really enjoy working with them. My last job had a high turn over rate and I was frustrated with the constant changes. At one point it seemed like every month someone was leaving. Next thing I knew I was surrounded by a sea of new faces. Sometimes when you see people from your job leaving you too get the itch to leave. Just because your coworker leaves doesn’t mean it is your season to leave. You never want to uproot yourself to early. If you feel like you’re the last man standing at your job then I urge you to be flexible and patient. At times you will have to work at your job long after your friends have left. So don’t have a “if they go I go” mindset. Wait for God to give you the green light to leave. There is a reason why you are still at your job so make the most of it.